Sharon Osbourne quits ‘America’s Got Talent’


Sharon Osbourne has decided to quit “America’s Got Talent.” The 59-year-old reality star and wife of singer Ozzy Osbourne is leaving the talent competition because she believes NBC discriminated against her son, Jack. Osbourne claims that the network fired Jack from a new reality series called “Stars Earn Stripes” following his multiple sclerosis diagnosis earlier this summer. She says the network fired her 26-year-old son via email two days before production was set to begin on the show.

“I just can’t be fake,” said Osbourne. “It’s discrimination, and it was badly handled.”

The network responded saying, “Sharon has been a valuable part of the NBC family. We regret any misunderstanding and wish Jack well.”

Osbourne, who has served as a judge on the show for seven seasons, will have to pay a penalty for departing from the series early. She remains under contract with NBC, and has said that she will pay the penalty.


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