Gadhafi loyalists flee to Niger


An important shift took place Tuesday among opposition forces as armed Moammar Gadhafi loyalists fled across hundreds of miles of desert into neighboring Niger. Among those fleeing was Gadhafi’s security chief and member of his inner circle, Mansour Dao. Gadhafi was not himself in the convoys, though they also included 12 other regime officials. The flight marked what could be a significant shift for Libya’s former rebels in taking control of the country.

Currently, three major cities remain under Gadhafi’s sway, though anti-Gadhafi leadership has been attempting to negotiate a peaceful entry into those cities, with little success at the moment. Gadhafi spokesman, Moussa Ibrahim, said that Gadhafi and his sons remain in Libya, in spite of Gadhafi’s regime collapsing more than a week ago. Other members of Gadhafi’s family, including his wife, daughter and two of his sons, have sought refuge in Algeria.


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