Changes Proposed to DC Speed Camera Fines


By the end of this year, a bill proposed by three DC council members may reduce the fines drivers pay for speed camera violations. Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6), Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3), and Marion Barry (D-Ward 8) all worked together on a committee addressing photo enforcement of moving violations in the District, and seek a $50 maximum fine for infractions like speeding, failure to yield to pedestrians, failure to stop at a stop sign, or blocking the box in an intersection. Currently, DC has some of the nation’s highest fines for photo-enforced tickets, and the council members stressed that many people they have spoken believe the reason is increased revenue instead of increased safety.

The proposed bill would cap fines at $50, designate 50% of revenue to be spent in improving traffic safety, and reduce the rate at which fines increase for late-payment. The council members also argue that these initiatives will force city regulators to reevaluate speed-limits and signage in accordance with new traffic patterns.


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