TRAVEL – 3 Ways to explore Napali Coast by sea


June 18, 2019

Photos: Courtesy Unsplash (Brian Heimann). 

Napali coast, spanning 17 miles along the Kauai shore, is one of the places that you will be awed by its natural beauty. Its emerald-hued cliffs with sharp ridges reveal the beautiful beaches and waterfalls in the area. There are many ways to explore this sacred coast, such as sea, land, and air. The boat tours range from six to eight hours, so they will be the perfect option if you want to explore this fantastic coastline. The aerial view will get you a front row seat to the natural splendour of this coast, leaving a deep impression on your heart; however, it is shorter than using a boat. Below are some of the ways to explore Napali coast by sea, giving you an experience that you will surely love.

By Kayak
One of the ways to explore the Napali coast is to paddle a kayak. However, it can be quite strenuous for anyone that is not ready to put in the work, but it will be worth the adventure. The kayak tours usually are one-way journeys that leave the north shore, go across the Napali coast and then to Polihale beach. The trade winds that blow across the Kauai will be perfect for the kayak tour.

By Zodiac Boat
This boat ride will be the high-speed adventure that you have been craving for the longest time. The tour will leave the west side of the Kauai coast and go all the way to the Napali coast before it doubles back. The fantastic thing about these zodiac boat tours is that you will be able to experience these tremendous views twice. They also provide you with a chance to have a closer look at the caves along the cliffs. However, it is not the best option to go for on an extremely day.

By Catamaran
A zodiac boat may be fun, but if you are looking for something that offers smoother sailing and will enable you to take more photos, using catamarans may be the option for you. You will need to book a Napali snorkel tour or go on a sunset sail on a catamaran. The only con about this option is that you will not be able to get close to the sea caves. However, you will be on a much steadier craft that will make it easier for you to take those great photos and capture the irreplaceable moments. The company you book with will determine the size of the catamaran; some are smaller and more intimate, while some will carry a large crowd and maybe even have an open bar. Amazing, right?

Napali coast is one of the places that should be on every traveller’s bucket list. It has beautiful scenery that is worth the visit. With the above options on how to explore the coast by boat, you can assess and see which option fits you best. After that, you can book your trip and brace yourself for the experience of your life. You will love it!


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