TECH Technological University, the world’s largest online university, leads the rankings


The world’s largest online university leads the ranking with more than 10,000 programs around 150 countries


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TECH Technological University offers a wide catalog of its own degrees, undergraduate and postgraduate in one hundred percent online mode

Learning possibilities multiply and adapt to the circumstances of each student by using an online environment and technological tools. TECH Technological University offers the best possibility to obtain an education by using digitalization which is why it is known as the world’s largest online university.

Currently, Technological University leads the ranking of universities around the world because it offers an elite education with an extensive academic catalog, they have more than 10,000 university degrees in ten different languages. It covers many careers and faculties such as Sciences of Health, Social Sciences, Design, Engineering, Law, Economics, Marketing, Business, Languages, Communication, Education, Arts, and Humanities.

Also, it is recognized because it has the best international teaching faculty with more than 4,000 teachers including professors, full professors, associates, assistants, academics, and guests. All of them are professionals of reference in their careers and can provide each learning program with the highest academic standards.

The institution is focused on providing higher education and has on their campus bachelor’s degrees, official master’s degrees, own master’s degrees, grand master’s degrees, university experts, courses, and diplomas, among others to supply the best learning experience and update students on the necessary topics in each area of knowledge.

Innovative method

TECH University has designed an innovative learning system named Re-Learning which consists of a one hundred percent online learning system based on repetition. Also, it is the first online university to combine it with the ‘Harvard Business School Cases’ incorporating this material with other teaching resources, such as online simulations, technical notes, or real business cases.

The programs and learning process are designed with material chosen by qualified teachers and experts, to offer quality education, the results are reflected in a multimedia interactive format that allows to understand the concepts and information more quickly, efficiently, and last longer in the memory.

Re-learning method focuses on supplying a learning experience based on guided repetition that allows students to practice new abilities through the special didactic multimedia material. The contents are specialized in perfecting the learning process and the time that students spend studying which will help to overcome the Forgetting Curve studied by the psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus.

Technological University wants to democratize access to high-quality education to enhance students’ skills, get updated about their professional fields, and boost their knowledge through the special method they supply in each program.

An elite university for all

Technological university is an institution created in 2015 that belongs to the multinational company TECH educational group, from Spain. It was recognized by the Financial Times as one of the 200 fastest-growing companies in Europe in the recent decade.

At present, the institution has an international trajectory and presence that has become a benchmark for online distance learning. The programs offered by Technological University can be found online through the special virtual campus of TECH University, this digital access helps to supply flexible experience adapted to each student, since they can access the content at any time and place using any device.

The consulting firm KMPG states that this institution guarantees the maximum possibilities of employability of its graduates. Currently, more than 500,000 students from over 150 countries are learning at TECH Technological University because the online system allows access to the classes without any restriction.



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