The Top 10 (#9) Joe Brophy: Inspiring DC Kids through Sports and Poetry


September 1, 2012
Jordan Schatz
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Top 10 Most Interesting People 2012

Joe Brophy knows how to have fun. It’s in his job description.

Brophy is the elementary program coordinator for the major non-profit company DC SCORES, which supplies over 800 kids in the Metro area with after-school programs focusing on soccer and poetry. Brophy inspires as both a soccer coach and a poetry reader, and also leads summer camps and deals with the logistical side of the organization, including monitoring attendance and communicating with the coaches.  Brophy was looking for meaningful work located in a colorful city, making DC SCORES the perfect opportunity.

“I think non-profits bring a really fascinating and diverse group of people together to solve really major societal problems,” says Brophy. “People work in non-profits because they are driven to do so. It’s not because it pays the best or because it’s the most glorious but because you can get out there and get your hands dirty and really do work that improves people’s lives in often a very tangible way.”

This  reasoning proved true earlier this year when DC SCORES placed first in “Toyota 100 Cars for Good,” a national competition in which the non-profit with the most votes takes home a free set of wheels. DC SCORES won the vehicle after Brophy entered the company into the contest, taking the time to plan how DC SCORES should advertise the contest and garnering enough votes for DC SCORES to win the car.

“We reached out to about half a million people and that was very cool because I knew I was making a very lasting contribution to my company’s mission,” Brophy says. According to Brophy, however, every day offers an opportunity to create lasting memories.

“There are also tons of moments with kids, it doesn’t have to be a big moment, like a moment  when I know that I’m making them feel wanted and loved and supported, either through coaching or poetry reading or the summer camp,” Brophy says. “Knowing that I help them feel good about where they are and what they are doing is really a memorable moment in itself.”


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