Christine Grilliot: DC Spotlight Fall Poetry Third Place Winner


March 1, 2012

By Wendy Thompson

Christine Grilliot is an English major student currently studying at the University of Mary Washington. Her permanent residence is in the DC area and she aspires to be a fiction writer. Her favorite poet is Elizabeth Barrett Browning, a Victorian era writer whose works were often of the romance genre.

DC Spotlight Fall Poetry Third Place Winner

Too Young to Marry
By Christine Grilliot
Rust covered wretches reverberate clanks
Perched on the gaudy glass church, up high;
Blank heads head towards French doors, say thanks
Oh Lord, white fabric trails down her thigh

Her heels click on the marble floor
As she enters the scene every head turns down,
I see a girl that will never want more
They take in her youth and frown.

She beams at me, a bright light compared
With her previous perpetually stingy smiles.
My friend, my sister, for you, I’m scared
But smile.  These pews are filled with creatures

That judge and condemn.  Will you survive
The burn of them?  Anxious taps on
Expensive polished wood; God will revive
These bored heavy breathers.  She is gone

Above me, the bells, this church, these people
Dear Lord, build her own grand steeple.


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