Aja Samone: DC Spotlight Fall Poetry Second Place Winner


March 1, 2012
By Wendy Thompson
Aja Samone is a 22 year old native of the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  Having attended the University of Virginia, with a major in theater, Aja Samone decided that a degree in English from the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore, was a better complement to her current and future aspirations.

Aja Samone is a prolific poet, author, actress, and educator.  Drawing upon the inspiration of Edgar Allen Poe, Thea Monyee, and Langston Hughes, Aja Samone has penned poems such as Cold Blood, Song of His Life, And It Was Said, Foolish Love, and Red Haze to name a few.  Her poetry is said to be boundless and her creativity, limitless.  Her prior thespian experiences come via her starring in unforgettable performances as Shug Avery in UMES’ production of The Color Purple and her memorable high school roles as Rizzo in Grease, and Velma Kelly in Chicago.  

To read excerpts from Aja Samone’s poetry, visit www.facebook.com/dearajasamone.  You can also follow her on Twitter@dearaja_samone, and look out for her upcoming website at www.AjaSamone.com.

For booking information, please submit an email to ajasamone@aol.com.

DC Spotlight Fall Poetry Second Place Winner

And It Was Said…
By Aja Samone
One day the lion will lay with the lamb and roars will be quieted,
and rage will suppress.
The two worlds will soon collide into each other,
and the lamb will roar
frightening the lion into a whimper.
And every stronghold and insecurity of the two will no longer exist
assisting in the ultimate sacrifice of themselves.
One day the lion will lay with the lamb,
giving unto one another where the other lacked,
realizing they need their counterparts so they react
for survival.
The beast needing the lamb for patience and calm spirits
The naïve one needing the lion for protection against slaughter
One day the lion will lay with the lamb in serenity,
and a joyfulness and love will pour out
…when the lion lays with the lamb.

DC Spotlight Fall Poetry Honorable Mention

Foolish Love
By Aja Samone
The beauty of love is not seen through the eyes of the strong
But through the eyes of a fool.
A foolish woman can love a man with all she can
And be able to withstand his foolishness.
“Oh what a fool,” she cries as she lies in his arms at night,
And foolishly makes love to him.
Only a fool can love,
For love is foolish sport
A sport of foolish thoughts
Foolish feelings
And a fool is caught
In a web of entanglement
Of too much time spent and too much love lent from a fool
Who thought it was cool to love this man and his foolish ways
And time never pays for the days that passed by this fool
As she loved
Simply time wasted and love pasted on the walls of you and him together
In love
Oh, what a fool.


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