Politics – Sanders vows to continue fight for Democratic platform


Bernie Sanders has yet to officially end his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, but said he will continue fighting for the inclusion of progressive causes. “We lost some very important fights,” Sanders told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union.” “We’re going to take that fight to Orlando, where the entire committee meets in two weeks. And if we don’t succeed there, then we’ll certainly take it to the floor of the Democratic convention.” Sanders said he will support Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and do everything he can to ensure Republican nominee Donald Trump doesn’t win the presidency. However, when asked about polls showing only half of his voters currently supporting Clinton, Sanders said she would need to embrace progressive policies to win the support of those voters. “That is the process we are engaged in right now. We’re working on the Democratic platform. We are talking to the Clinton campaign,” he said. “And I hope very much that Secretary Clinton understands that not only is it good public policy, it’s the right thing to do; it is good politics to begin to move in that direction.”


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