NEWS BY NUMBERS – Super-Man 2 blasts the box office, Apple pounds Samsung in court


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119.6 million dollars is the amount of money that a U.S. court ordered Samsung to pay Apple for infringing on two of its patents.

Apple accused Samsung of violating patents on smartphone features and asked for $2 billion at the trial.  The court also decided that Apple infringed on some of Samsung’s patents and awarded $158,000 in damages.  Earlier, Apple accused Samsung of infringing on five of its patterns, including the one covering functions that unlock the devices such as “slide to unlock.”


33 killed in Aleppo airstrikes

The UK-based opposition group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that a Syrian military attack killed 33 people and injured several others in an airstrike on the largest city in the country on Thursday, May 1.  Syrian forces dropped barrel bombs one day earlier on one of the opposition’s area of Aleppo. The attack killed 25 children, according to the Local Coordination Committees of Syria. The civil war began three years ago when government forces started fighting rebels who want to end the rule of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. On June 3, the Syrian government will hold elections and al-Assad will run for another term.


1 case of MERS in the United States was registered in Indiana.

The Indiana Department of Health said in a statement Sunday, May 4, that a man was hospitalized with MERS, but his condition is improving each day.  According to the same statement, no other cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome have been identified.  The man traveled recently to Saudi Arabia, where he was working in healthcare.  MERS is an infectious respiratory disease that was first found in bats. It can spread from person to person, mainly in the cases of close contact.


15 people were killed and more than 150 injured by the recent tornadoes in central Arkansas.

President Obama will travel to Arkansas on Wednesday, May 7, to visit the devastated communities, Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor announced.  More than 260 houses were destroyed during the storms. “We have disaster relief funding headed our way, but there’s more we can do to give Arkansans the help they need,” Pryor said in a statement. “I’m pleased the president is headed to Arkansas and can see the devastation firsthand.”


92 million dollars is the box office takings for the “Amazing Spider-Man 2.”

The Marvel sequel is at the top of the North American box office, followed by “The Other Woman” took in $14.2 million which is the second. The third one is Disney’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” which took $96 million in its first weekend in April. The “Amazing Spider-Man 2’s” international total is $370 million after only three weeks on release outside Canada and the United States.


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