NEWS BY NUMBERS – AT&T pays a huge chunk of change for Direct TV


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48.5 billion dollars is the price US telecommunications firm AT&T will pay to buy satellite television provider DirecTV.

The board of directors approved the merger, but the deal still needs to be approved by the DirecTV shareholders and reviewed by U.S. regulators. If approved, the deal will give AT&T a direct access to 40 million digital customers both in the United States and Latin America. “This is a unique opportunity that will redefine the video entertainment industry and create a company able to offer new bundles and deliver content to consumers across multiple screens — mobile devices, TVs, laptops, cars and even airplanes,” AT&T’s

88-year old ex-Formula 1 racing champion dies.

Sir Jack Brabham won the title of three-time Formula1 world champion. He was knighted in 1979 and won the championship in 1959, 1960 and 1966.  Originally from Australia, Sir Jack began racing in Australia in 1948 after being a mechanic in the Royal Australian Air Force. His Grand Prix debut was in 1955 when he came to the United Kingdom. He won the championship in 1966 in a car he built himself, a rear-engine BT19, remaining the only man who have designed, constructed and driven a car in the championship and won.

17million dollars prize will be given to the person who solves one of the greatest scientific problems in the world.

The idea is based on the 1714 Longitude Prize, won by John Harrison. He invented the first clock that enables sailors to pinpoint their position at sea. The new version includes six potential categories that are to be announced, including healthcare and environment.  The public will vote on the next challenge on Thursday, May 22.


20 million dollars in damages is the loss caused by the wildfire season in California.

Gov. Jerry Brown of California said on Sunday, May 18, that this is the worst-ever wildfire season and it could have severe repercussions on the state’s economy. He said that the state has 5,000 firefighters and $600 million available to fight the blaze.  Cal Fire Division Chief Dave Allen said nine fires have burned 9,095 acres.  A nuclear plant, a Legoland, thousands of homes, a university campus and some parts of a military base have been evacuated due to the fast-moving wildfires in the southern part of California.


31 children were killed in a bus that burst into flames in Colombia on Sunday, May 18.

Col. Adan Leon said that the bus was picking up children from the church in Fundacion, Colombia when the fire began. He said that authorities are investigating the cause of the blaze. The victims were 31 children and one adult.



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