NEWS BY NUMBERS – Former cyber-hacker helps FBI snag how many hackers?


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300 cyber-hacks have been stopped by the former leader of hacking group LulzSec.

Since being arrested and charged with hacking in June 2011, Hector Xavier Monsegur co-operated with the FBI to imprison his friends as a result of the court documents filed by prosecutors to prevent the loss of millions of dollars. Monsegur, known online as Sabu monikerm, pleaded guilty for identity theft and credit card fraud and is responsible for major hacks into computer servers belonging to Fox Television, Sony Pictures and Nintendo.

 “Working sometimes literally around the clock, at the direction of law enforcement, Monsegur engaged his co-conspirators in online chats that were critical to confirming their identities and whereabouts,” prosecutors said. “During some of the online chats, at the direction of law enforcement, Monsegur convinced LulzSec members to provide him digital evidence of the hacking activities they claimed to have previously engaged in, such as logs regarding particular criminal hacks.”


$10.10 per hour is the new minimum wage in Hawaii.

Hawaii is the third state, after Connecticut and Maryland, to raise its minimum wage to $10.10 after its last raise to $7.25 in 2007. Gov. Neil Abercrombie signed the minimum wage bill into law in a ceremony on Friday, May 23.

“I always thought it’s not a minimum wage, it’s a survival wage,” Abercrombie said. “And in today’s world, that minimum wage is not a survival wage, certainly in Hawaii.”

6 students have been killed and another 13 wounded in California by a gunman.

Elliot Rodger, 22, emailed his parents and therapist a 140-page manifesto entitled “My Twisted World,” informing them about his intentions. His parents tried to stop him but when racing to Isla Vista, they heard radio reports on the shootings.  Rodger, who died after exchanging fire with police, owned three legally purchased semi-automatic weapons that he used in his attack. In several YouTube videos Rodger spoke of his plan and described that girls always rejected him and he is looking for revenge.


10 million dollars worth coins found in a couple’s backyard was auctioned on Wednesday, May 27.

Three months ago, a California couple found the mint-condition 19th century gold coins while walking their dog in their yard. The collection has more than 1,400 coins, in denominations of $5, $10 and $20 and in face value are worth $28,000.  Due to their extremely good condition, a few pieces’ price is up to $1 million each.  The rest of the collection will be on sale in


5th highest-grossing film in box office history goes to “Frozen.”

Disney’s animated film was released in the U.S. in November and overtook “Iron Man 3’s” total haul, gaining $1.219bn worldwide.  The Oscar-winning film was also successful in Japan, where it has been at the box office for 11 weeks in a row.  On the list of the top highest-grossing films of all time, “Frozen” stands behind “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Part 2,” with $1.34bn, followed by Marvel’s “The Avengers.” The first in top is “Avatar,” with $2.78bn in global ticket sales.


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