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October 5, 2019
Antonio Rankin, Videographer/editor
Wendy Thompson, Producer
My Story

Photos: Courtesy of DC Spotlight Newspaper/Rochelle Coleman

Everyone has a story and this edition of “My Story” explores the unique life and career of Rochelle Coleman.  Coleman used her love of basketball to fund her college education, earning a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree and travelling all over the world to such countries as Tibet, South Africa, and Kosovo.  As a member of Peace Players, she also assisted in bringing Israelis and Palestinians together on the basketball court to further facilitate peace in those countries.  Coleman used her skills as a basketball player and her entrepreneurial business expertise to form her company, which helped further her sports career.  She inspires others to use their hobbies and skills by taking them to a higher “level” and helping impact the world in a positive way.

(VIDEO) Coleman tells her story “In black and white,” of how her love of the game of basketball allowed her to travel throughout the world.

Rochelle Coleman, entrepreneur, former international basketball player and Peace Players team member.

Rochelle Coleman with Peace Players in South Africa.

Rochelle Coleman playing basketball with Peace Players in South Africa.

A Tibetan basketball player during Coleman’s trip to Tibet.

Coleman playing basketball during her trip to Tibet.

Courts and facilities in Kosovo where basketball games took place.


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