MARYLAND NEWS – Maryland’s Child Victims Act is being challenged by the Archdiocese of Washington


Mariah Cain, Staff Writer

On Oct. 1 Maryland’s Child Victims Act was passed and eliminated time limits for legal action by survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Previously victims had until they were 38 years old to seek legal action. “When the statute of limitations expired on plaintiffs’ claims long ago, the archdiocese acquired a right to be free from those ancient claims,” attorneys representing the Archdiocese of Washington argued against the passing of the new bill. 

“The church has spent hundreds and thousands of dollars to try to block this legislation from moving forward for the last ten years,” said Del. C.T. Wilson, a lawmaker who sponsored the bill. “Yet they preach something that they don’t practice. So I’m very disappointed. It’s not a surprise because I’ve seen the lengths that they go to to try to keep this quiet.”


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