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July 21, 2016
Sam Jones
Guest Writer
Metro Scene

Washington, D.C. is known for being a location full of powerful movers and shakers. It’s also known for being a place where deals, high powered decisions and socialization are all taken very seriously over excellent cocktails. This guide will take you to the best locations for a delicious drink in the D.C. area, just like an insider.

The Iconic Bar

In 1947, a man named Joe Nardelli opened a D.C. bar called the Tune Inn. The bar is still open today and is now run by his granddaughter, Lisa.  This bar has long been famous for being a place where everyone from powerful political figures to blue-collar workers come in to drink together. It’s said that over the years many major political decisions have been hashed out in this bar. These days most of the bar remains as it was in the 1940s. The big difference is that you can now bring your kids and enjoy a bite to eat. It’s even a place where dentists from Aurora are known to visit when here for conventions.

Enjoy happy hour

If you want to nosh while you drink, you should head over to The Front Page. This bar and grill has been recognized as one the best happy hour in D.C. by The Washingtonian. With specials from 4-8pm throughout the work week, it is a place where young movers and shakers go when hashing out deals, or just enjoying some good food. Located at 1333 New Hampshire Avenue NW, it’s known for having great beer selections, great food and you’ll even see regulars let their white collars down and enjoy some dancing every now and again.

Laugh it up in Wonderland

One of the hottest bars to go in D.C. is also the best to catch a cutting edge comedy show. The Wonderland Ballroom is a former gay club turned comedy club. They have become known for their variety of beer and cocktails, as well as being a hotbed for talented comedians. Many local and emerging artists are showcased in their “Don’t Block the Box” comedy on Sunday nights. You can also catch trivia on Monday nights and Karaoke on Tuesday.

Trendy New Gastropub recently hailed The Fainting Goat as one of the best bars in their Washington, D.C. city guide. It’s a gastropub offering food (of course) and hand crafted cocktails, an extensive wine list, locally sourced draft and bottled beers. They offer bar and table seating. Frequent visitors prefer the seating by the window looking out onto U Street as a great seat for people watching. The movers and shakers are coming from their Colorado dental groups to lobby in D.C., and you have the perfect view of it all.

Now that you know the best watering holes in the D.C. area, it is time to visit them.  Make a plan for your own personal D.C. pub crawl and experience this fascinating town from inside the beltway.

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