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Technological University opens the possibility of learning from anywhere in the world and at any time the best international programs. The world’s preferred magazine specializing in business, has highlighted the success of TECH Technological University as ‘’the best online university in the world’’ because it allows learning anywhere and time, due to its hundred percent online method offered.

Forbes explains that TECH University has an important trajectory that allowed it to get positioned as “the benchmark institution” in the distance learning sector in the world because of the lifestyles of many students who have no time to access education in a traditional classroom considering factors such as time, location, work, among other activities.

TECH Technological University has an innovative academic offer, a selection of qualified teaching staff, and a unique learning method to provide companies with the best-qualified people. By now, there is no other institution known as a global operator.

With its great expansion throughout the world, the institution has more than 100,000 students in one of its 10,000 programs; to the date, the total number of graduates already exceeds 500,000 in all academic programs offered.

History of Technological University

TECH University was created in 2015 by the academic group TECH Education Rights & Technologies SL a team of leading professionals and academics around university education with the headquartered in the Canary Islands, Spain.

Currently, it has the structure of an international cluster of digital private universities focused on higher education and quality most successful postgraduate university degrees. For this reason, it was recently recognized as one of the 200 fastest growing companies in Europe in recent times.

Academic offer

Supplying the highest education is their focus, which is why they offer bachelor’s degrees, professional master’s degrees, doctoral degrees, advanced master’s degrees, postgraduate diplomas, postgraduate certificates, executive development programs and language courses, all of them are 100% online.

These programs are divided in many faculties, programs, and different areas of knowledge such as Veterinary Medicine, Video games Design, Education, Nursing, School of Business, Sports Science, Engineering, Design, Law, Medicine, Dentistry, Nutrition, Psychology, Pharmacy, Geography and History, Humanities, School of Languages, Information Technology, Physiotherapy, Journalism, Communication, among others.

Re- Learning method created by TECH

Technological University has designed Re-Learning, an innovative method based on target repetition. Also, TECH is the online pioneer to introduce this recognized international system and is the only certified to

use it. Re-Learning combines educational quality, academic demand, and the latest educational technology to supply the best learning experience.

It is focusing on using didactic material presented in multimedia formats created by qualified teachers and experts in pedagogy, this pretends to combine real cases, resolution of complex situations through simulation, the study of cases applied to each professional career, and learning based on reiteration using audios, videos, animations, images, among other materials resources which are intended to supply valuable education to each one of the students from TECH.

This learning system helps students to go at their own pace, accommodating to their time, lifestyle, and location. Also, it wants to bring confidence and autonomy to people by allowing them to keep the concepts and knowledge in their memory in an effortless way, surpassing traditional learning schemes.

‘’The results achieved by its learning method are outstanding, while also improving overall student satisfaction levels on the indicators that show TECH as the best online university.” Forbes highlighted.


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