MLB Commissioner Robert Manfred takes introductory tour


Newly appointed Major League Baseball Commissioner Robert Manfred took an introductory tour of the Nationals Youth Baseball Academy in Southeast D.C. On Wednesday’s visit to the academy, one young athlete asked Manfred who his favorite baseball team was. He explained to him that commissioners are not allowed to have favorites. He later admitted to reporters that while he was living in D.C. before the Nationals arrived in 2005, he filled the void with Orioles season tickets. Manfred spoke passionately about the need to reinvigorate baseball’s hold on the minds of young would-be players across the U.S., particularly in urban areas such as D.C. As of 2015, 108 elementary students (boys and girls) are part of the core after-school program. Manfred added that one of the things that he hopes to accomplish during his time as commissioner is to increase the interest and number of kids who play the game. The Academy not only does that, but it also supports youth with mentors and life lessons.





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