Book of the Week – June 4 – 10, 2012 Break The Cycle: Healing From An Abusive Relationship by Tracy Deitz


Is the person you love most in the world actually destroying you? Sometimes, it’s not so simple for individuals in abusive relationships to just break free. Author Tracy S. Deitz, a trained advocate for victims of domestic violence, tells the story of Lydia, a survivor of an abusive marriage who offers a lifeline to anyone who feels trapped in a destructive home. Break the Cycle: Healing from an Abusive Relationship is Lydia’s profoundly honest and hopeful guide to gaining the strength, insight, and resources necessary to inspire anyone who wants to forge a new and positive path in life. Encouraging and easy to read, this invaluable book will help both victims and those who care about them to break through the confusion of this complex emotional struggle. By sharing Lydia’s personal account about many years on a relational roller coaster, the author offers a vital perspective to individuals who are torn between keeping their covenant vow and trying to survive in a dysfunctional relationship with an unrepentant spouse. Integrating research, Scriptures, and personal anecdotes, the text illustrates practices for healing and finding clarity. From discussing isolation to awakening courage, each chapter identifies challenges and solutions, culminating with study questions for individual reflection or small-group discussions. The guide tackles issues surrounding alcoholism, Christianity and what the faith community teaches about honoring a vow, with daily illustrations of the challenges victims face. While illuminating the dilemmas of loving someone who is an abuser, Break the Cycle: Healing from an Abusive Relationship offers those suffering from this national epidemic a chance to find security, confidence, and peace. Millions of people in this country desperately need to discover the hope that is available to them through a personal relationship with God, rather than religiosity. This poignant, inspiring guide can do just that.


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