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Emergencies hit when you least expect them, and planning ahead is the easiest way to manage them and get back on track. Unfortunately, when traveling, especially outside the country, solutions may be hard to come by when you’re not familiar with how things work there. That’s not to say that you can’t pull yourself out of messes when traveling. If you know what you are up against, you can prepare and develop a solution beforehand. Here are four common emergencies to watch out for:

1.   Running out of money

No matter how comprehensive your travel budget is, you can never rule out the possibility of running out of money. Money can be stolen, or you could lose a phone and be forced to get a new one. You might also underestimate the costs of some things or get on an impulse spending spree only to realize too late that you have drained your wallet. You can avoid these scenarios by being disciplined.

If they happen anyway and you have no one to seek help from, consider applying for a quick payday loan with an online lender. Sites such as process loans quickly and can save you from such conundrums in as little as a day. Better yet, they don’t consider credit history when determining eligibility, so the chances of your application being turned down are low.

2.   Medical emergencies

Medical emergencies are rare if you are perfectly healthy when getting on your flight. However, the impact of sudden weather and cuisine changes might elicit some adverse reactions from the body and warrant medical attention. You cannot overlook the risk of accidentally hurting yourself during your flight, in your hotel room, or while walking in the streets, either. Always have your destination’s emergency hotline in your phone for episodes like this. Use your traveler’s health insurance cover, if you have one, to pay the hospital bill.

3.   Criminal attacks

In a foreign land or a city you are not familiar with, it’s always advisable to be vigilant. Avoid dark places and don’t look suspicious. Some cities and countries are less safe than others, so check to see how your destination is rated on the security scale. If you are getting into an area with a high crime rate, consider using an Uber when you can. Carry a small, compact bag, and be prepared to rush to safety if necessary.

4.   Flight delays

Flight delays are an incredibly common travel emergency. Thankfully, their solutions are equally easy to find. If you get stuck at the airport due to inclement weather or ticket mix-ups, call your travel insurance provider immediately. Most insurance plans cover hotel room costs and other related expenses. If your situation doesn’t qualify, turn to the passenger assistance department. Most international airports provide overnight shelters to passengers.


The list of emergencies you face when traveling is endless, but these four are among the most common ones. Always prepare for the worst and be ready to think up quick ideas if you are caught up in a situation you didn’t anticipate.


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