Washington, DC – D.C. firefighter investigated for Facebook post


A D.C. firefighter has been put on administrative leave after making inflammatory Facebook posts about police officers. Norman Brooks, who has been with D.C. Fire and EMS since 2007, wrote the posts in response to the fatal shooting of 37-year-old Alton Sterling, saying, “Those pigs in Baton Rouge deserve nothing short of a bullet in the heads.” He continued, “These racist (expletive) cops who are murdering our people need to start turning up the same way,” and “It’s time to stop praying, stop protesting, start buying guns, and start protecting ourselves from these crooked (expletive) racist cops.” However, in an interview with Fox 5, Brooks says he was not calling for violence against police officers and that he is entitled to his opinion. “I’m not wishing death upon anyone,” said Brooks. “All I’m saying is if a person off the street commits a crime, they’re punished for it — these people are not being punished.”


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