Shooting on Va Tech campus leaves officer, suspect dead


Shortly after noon on Thursday, a campus police officer was killed after pulling a driver over in a traffic stop. 39-year-old Deriek W. Crouse was fatally shot when a gunman approached him on foot and ambushed him. Shortly after, authorities found a man in a parking lot with a gunshot wound and the gun nearby. It is suspected that the second man found is the gunman who shot the officer. Ballistics testing confirmed that both were shot with the same gun. No apparent reason for the shooting has been released, and it has been confirmed the suspect was not a student of Virginia Tech.

Virginia Tech is currently appealing at $55,000 fine for the speed of their actions in the 2007 shooting. The U.S. Education Department said the university’s response at the time was too slow. In Thursday’s shooting, six alerts were sent out to faculty and students, immediately placing the campus in a lockdown that lasted four hours. Officials praised the swiftness of the university’s notification system. A small vigil was held Thursday night, with another planned for Friday.


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