President Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” incentive


President Obama is launching a new initiative to help boys and young men of color who are willing to work hard to get ahead called “My Brother’s Keeper.” Communities will be partnering with local businesses and foundations to connect these young men with mentoring, support networks, and the necessary skills needed for finding a good job or going to college, essentially working their way up to the middle class. State and local officials will work together, as well as the Task Force, to assess the impact of federal policies of general applicability to develop ideas enhancing positive outcomes, recommend incentives for providing opportunities and outcomes, create a “What Works” online portal of successful programs and practices, work with stakeholders to highlight opportunities, challenges, and efforts affecting the targeted group, and recommend to the president means of ensuring efforts and continued partnership with private sectors set forth in the Presidential Memorandum.  The President spoke about the incentive at an event held at the White House on Thursday February 27. Magic Johnson, Al Sharpton, and the parents of Trayvon Martin were just a few among the many who attended the event and were present when Obama signed the Presidential Memorandum establishing the new incentive.




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