Politics – Intel chief Clapper worried about instability in the U.S.


The nation’s intelligence chief said he is concerned about stability in the U.S. and the fragility of American institutions. “I do worry,” Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told the Aspen Security Forum. Clapper said the intelligence community has metrics that determine whether a nation is considered stable. About two-thirds of countries exhibit some aspects of instability. “I guess if you apply that same measure against us, well, we are starting to exhibit some of them, too,” he assessed. “We pride ourselves on the institutions that have evolved over hundreds of years and I do worry about the, you know, fragility of those institutions.” Clapper was also asked how international countries were responding to presidential candidate Donald Trump. Clapper said, “such rhetoric is very bothersome to our foreign interlocutors, our foreign partners.” He continued, “It is a worry to them, it really is, so I’ll just let it go at that rather than rendering any personal opinion. But I can, I think it is legitimate for me to report what I hear from many foreign partners and interlocutors.”


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