Mourdock refuses to apologize for rape remarks


Indiana republican Senate candidate sent a buzz through the realm of US politics when, during a campaign debate, he said a pregnancy resulting from rape is still “something God intended.” Despite the backlash from pro-choice advocates, Mourdock is sticking by his statement. Indiana gubernatorial candidate Mike Pence tried to persuade Mourdock to issue and apology while House candidate Jackie Walorski issued two statements disagreeing with Mourdock and one statement trying to shift the focus of the campaign discussion back to President Obmama’s healthcare legislation. None of that was effective however, as Mourdock clarified that he abhors violent crime such as rape but added, “I spoke from my heart…I would not apologize. I would be less than faithful if I said anything other than life is precious. I believe it’s a gift from God.” The Romney campaign was quick to state that it disagreed with his remarks, though it did not cancel an ad by Romney endorsing Mourdock. New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte had a more definitive response, cancelling a Wednesday campaign event and fundraiser headline for Mourdock.


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