Gallup poll shows Romney has his biggest lead yet


In the wake of the second presidential debate, a poll from Gallup shows Mitt Romney with a seven point lead, 52% to 45%, over his opponent, President Obama. This is the largest lead Romney has had over Obama since the beginning of the campaign. Needless to say, this is good news for Republicans. “The numbers suggest that the first debate permanently liberated Romney from the caricature that had been created by the Obama campaign’s ad onslaught and by Romney’s own high profile gaffes,” said Nicolle Wallace, a former aid to Senator John McCain for his 2008 presidential bid. Others are not so certain. “I would urge real caution on just accepting face value on single survey,” said Stu Rothenberg, author of the Rothenberg Political Report, “I’d want to see other polls showing the same thing before I jump to conclusions.” The poll is also derived from a rolling average of data collected over the past week, so it may not reflect any gains Obama may have earned from the second presidential debate.


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