TRAVEL – Visit Historic Williamsburg: Discover the first American settlement, Busch Gardens, and more


July 1, 2012
By Marie Dandie
News Writer

Explore the roots of the American nation in the historic city of Williamsburg, Virginia, which dates back to the 18th century and stretches over 301 acres. Hundreds of colonial homes, shops, and public outbuildings have been reconstructed and rest on their original foundations. Some buildings are open to the public and others are private residencies and administrative offices. The city of Williamsburg along with York County and James City County make up what isfamously known as the Historic Triangle, whichincludes Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown.

Located just two and a half hours away from the bustle of modern city traffic rests the place where America had its early beginnings.  While you’re exploring the Historic Triangle, discover what John Smith’s Virginia Colony was like as you visit exhibits and re-created settings at Jamestown Settlement Museum.

Williamsburg will stir up your excitement as you witness historical interpreters and actors as they reenact history and life on the eve of the Revolutionary War against the British. Travel to the Yorktown Battlefield, where the United States of America finally gained independence after the surrender of Great Britain.

Places to stay

Fun Attractions and Adventures

Even if you are not accompanied by a child, Busch Gardens will take you on a fun journey in 2012 with its new addition of a heart-throbbing roller coaster and amazing attractions. Take a chance and board the Verbolten rollercoaster and take a thrilling detour through the countryside of scenic Germany. Families will weave and twirl through the forbidden Black Forest in a harrowing, action-packed adventure on the park’s newest roller coaster now open for thrills and screams.

Each evening, amaze the whole family with unique performances and a nightly fireworks show at IllumiNights: A Busch Gardens Encore. Get lost at the Governor’s Palace in the thick and tall bushes of Hedge Maze. After you have surfaced from the green garden, discover the palace, which is one of the two largest buildings at Colonial Williamsburg. Thomas Jefferson, Virginia’s second governor, resided at the Governor’s Palace from 1779-1780 until the capital was moved to Richmond.

Restaurants and Shops

Shopping in the Williamsburg area is sure to send any shopper into heavenly buying bliss as it is populated with boutique shops, art galleries, and antique stores that mingle with more than 150 factory brand-discount and designer outlet stores.  For those who are not so fond of shopping, explore the specialty shops of Colonial Williamsburg’s enchanting Merchants Square and remember to take history with you.

After shopping, take a stroll on Yorktown’s Riverwalk Landing and plant yourself at the Riverwalk restaurant and enjoy fresh seafood, pizza, and a cold beer. For variety, check out Carrot Tree Yorktown restaurant for a quaint 1700s ambiance in a charming old home, where the food and desserts are always fresh.

For drinkers of alcoholic beverages, head to the Yorktown Pub, located on the historic Yorktown Beach. As you enjoy your beverage, you can view the scenic York River and the most historic beach in America. The Yorktown Pub offers a large assortment of pub style food, a full bar, and a wide variety of imported, domestic, and micro beer selections.






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