THE NATION – Boris Johnson on the mend, GMA ’s George Stephanopoulos diagnosed with coronavirus


April 19, 2020

Jacob Hollifield

News Writer

The Nation

Photo by: Chad McNeeley, U.S. Navy

On Sunday, the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was released from the hospital. However, the nation’s cases increased to 85,264 active cases. Like the U.S., the UK is making major strides to increase the amount of testing that is offered to citizens to better gauge the span of the virus. Last week, the UK announced its plan to conduct 100,000 tests a day by the end of April. The day after Johnson’s discharge another public figure announced their coronavirus diagnosis. On Monday, Good Morning America’s chief anchor and political correspondent George Stephanopoulos announced live that he had tested positive for the coronavirus. Two weeks prior, his wife tested positive for the coronavirus, which is likely where Stephanopoulos contracted the virus. Stephanopoulos is now one of the more than 179,175 active cases in New York.


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