LIVING THE LIFE – Author Shari Botwin discusses coronavirus trauma, death, job loss, and home-schooling kids


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Originally posted on September 21, 2020
Wendy Thompson
Living the Life

When renown author and therapist Shari Botwin began writing her latest book, titled “Thriving After Trauma:  Stories of Living and Healing,” she decided to draw on her experiences from childhood and the abuse she suffered.  Before writing the book, she struggled with her own trauma and recovery and says she went back and forth from being a therapist to a patient “working through” her own history.  “I knew while I was seeing patients that at some point I needed to write a book,” she admitted, “but I wanted to wait until I had given myself a chance to really work through my own recovery.”

She wrote the book while following the sexual assault trial of Bill Cosby where she connected with women who testified as abuse victims of the actor.  The book chronicles the stories and lives of people from various walks of life as they recite their experiences of abuse and trauma.  Botwin believes trauma is a universal connector for humans, because most humans have dealt with and had to overcome trauma.

In the winter of 2020,  due to the coronavirus, the U.S. and the rest of the world were traumatized by a crisis unlike any crisis of this century.  In recent months, Botwin has become internationally known as the “coronavirus crisis” therapist.  During appearances on network news programs such as MSNBC and others, she advised the global community on how to cope with the novel coronavirus, its tragic effects on those infected and the massive loss of loved ones throughout the pandemic.  Botwin spoke with DC Spotlight’s editor Wendy Thompson about the trauma the Covid-19 has caused, how it is impacting the world and how to thrive in spite of the trauma.  She used a three tiered explanation of how to deal with the coronavirus:

  1. When you have lost a loved one
  2. When you have been infected and lost your health
  3. When you have been affected economically, having lost your job, your home or your financial standing

Botwin also gave sound advice about how to explain the coronavirus and social distancing to kids, as well as how to grieve the loss of our previous life and live life in the “new normal” under Covid-19.  Click on the video to watch the in-depth interview.


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