WORLD NEWS— Wildfires continue to burn through Maui wreaking havoc on wildlife, citizens, and the environment


By Nikita Bondale, Staff Writer

The wildfires in Maui have pushed through Maui and have burned through thousands of acres. This fire has been partially contained, however, the most devastating of the fires, the Lahaina fire, burned over 2,170 acres, or 3.4 square miles, as announced in a County of Maui news release. Citizens have begun to evacuate their homes and businesses as the fire continues to destroy infrastructure and property throughout the island. Additionally, officials have raised the death toll to 106 and stated that they anticipate this number to rise as emergency responders continue to search through the damages. Moreover, United States President Joe Biden traveled to Maui to witness the disaster, announcing that “for as long as it takes, [the United States]is going to be with you, the whole country (will) be with you.” Furthermore, as a result of these devastating fires, the Head of Emergency Agency has resigned from his post because the agency did not use its siren system to warn residents to evacuate four days prior to when they likely should have. 


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