VIRGINIA NEWS – Western Loudoun County residents fight building 100-foot-tall light towers


Mariah Cain, Staff Writer

Western Loudoun County is a rural area in the northern neck of Virginia. Residents are fighting against the proposal to build 18, 100-foot-tall lights for three new cricket fields in Mickie Gordon Park. The proposal is met with backlash from residents who wish to keep the small-town rural feel and from locals who live close to the park who say that the current stadium lights can be seen for miles.

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the county but there are limited places to play, the addition of three new cricket fields would eliminate the almost two-hour drive for residents to access the nearest cricket field. Loudoun County is known for its preservation of historic villages and vast acres of farmland. County officials are trying to find a middle ground that will allow for proper residential growth and amenities without destroying the historic small-town feel.


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