VIRGINIA NEWS – Virginia man sentenced to time served and $9000 fine for bringing ammo to Turks and Caicos


Mariah Cain, Staff Writer

Virginian Tyler Wenrich was arrested in April in Turks and Caicos while trying to board a cruise ship while possessing ammunition. Wenrich was sentenced to three weeks in jail and a $9,000 fine. Wenrich already served his three-week sentence with the time he spent in jail waiting to be released on bail. 

Sen. Mark Warner, D-VA, said in a statement, “After advocacy from my office and across Congress, I’m glad to see Virginia resident Tyler Wenrich receive a lenient sentence for mistakenly bringing just two hunting bullets to Turks and Caicos while on a cruise. Tyler never sought to break the law, so I’m deeply relieved that the justice system chose fairness and leniency over a 12-year prison sentence.” Wenrich is expected to fly back home to Virginia on Thursday.


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