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October 23, 2017
Miguel Angel
Guest Writer


Travelers who have completed the Inca Trail say they have never had such amazing feelings.  But to connect with this ancient landscape, it is advisable to be in good shape and to take daily walks before embarking on this journey that begins in the city of Cuzco, Perú.

As most experienced travelers know, you need to plan your holidays early. To be able to visit privileged places like the Inca Trail in Perú, you need to book your tour in advance, as only small groups of people can join the main tours. These are measures of the Peruvian government.

The Inca Trail was created by the Inca or Quechua civilization, a pre-Columbian civilization that continues to be important to this day. The Incan Empire was the first socialist government in history, as it was based on reciprocal economic relations. The Incan history, fascinating and storied, is accessible today.  You can visit the scene where it happened, starting with the city of Cuzco.

The Inca Trail Tours begin in Cuzco. Very early in the morning, the guides pick up the travelers at their hotels and take them to where the first walking route starts. Those who have already experienced it say how extraordinary it is to walk in this mountainous landscape where the clouds seem to be within reach. The porters of the Inca Trail are very important; as natives, they know the history of the place well and also how to convey it to travelers. As a result, porters and tourists both create strong bonds during the tour.

The Inca Trail Tour: four days of a unique life experience

The routes run all year long except in February, when the rainy season makes it impossible to travel. Travelers spend this time contemplating the exotic sites they have seen. To start this journey, it is advisable to be in good shape and to take daily walks before embarking on the experience.  Comfortable boots and a backpack is also recommended.

The Inca Trail Tour takes place over four days and three nights and the group sleeps in tents. Cooking plays a very important role during the tour, as the expedition chef will prepare delicious Peruvian food dishes for the group of travelers. Everyday, the group will have the chance to visit the archaeological ruins of the Inca culture, although the most impressive remains will be seen on the last day, when the group arrives at Machu Picchu through the Puerta del Sol (the sun’s entrance). Once the journey has finished, the tourist guides will take the group back to their hotels in Cuzco city by car, ending a fascinating adventure through the ruins of the the Inca culture.

Responsible tourism in an environment imbued with ancient history

It is very important to have an agenda and the permits required to the trail.   Even more important is to travel responsibly in the tourism context. This type of touring respects the environment, creates relationships of respect with the people of the city and also promotes the local economy.

This fact makes the road even more fascinating, according to the testimonies of those who have already done it, and shared with others future travelers. So, it is time to start designing next summer’s trip and booking the next tour, where you will be able to be part of an incredible journey surrounded by ancient history and an amazing landscape. Although this culture was long ago destroyed, its advances and architecture were not lost, and we are still admiring it all today.


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