FOOD – Fine European red wines for the colors of fall season


                                                                                                                                                                                    THESE FINE EUROPEAN RED WINE VARIETIES ARE THE PERFECT MATCH TO THE COLORS OF THIS FALL SEASON

As we start to get comfortably cozy with the fall season, we suddenly have the urge to order some good red wines to go with our meals. With so many choices on the wine market, are there some indigenous red wine varieties that you might not have tried yet? Look no further and have a taste of these local red varieties that come from the fruitful lands of Eastern Europe.

BROADLEAVED MELNIK is a low extract local grape with a tricky character, much like Sangiovese in Italy, called the “tricky child” by specialists. The wines from this variety are excellent, with the aroma of ripe cherry and herbs and when poured in oak containers it develops nuances of tobacco and leather. The taste of the new wine is crisp, with pronounced tannins. With maturation, the taste softens but remains spicy traces in the end. According to a very popular story, Melnik wine was Winston Churchill’s favorite and the story claims that he ordered 500 liters (132 gallons) of this wine delivered to him annually.

MELNIK 55 is a successful hybrid developed in the 70s. It is a crossing between the Bulgarian Melnik and the early ripening French grape Valdiguie. The wines come with more power and juicier fruity notes, yet the earthiness is present and spice and tobacco tastes develop with aging.

RUBIN is a an indigenous red grape variety created in 1940’s by crossing the French clone Syrah and the indigenous Italian Nebbiolo. These wines are deep in color and the taste is full-bodied, with a soft finish. The aroma is intense, fruity, with a predominance of ripe blackberries and in contact with oak it develops sweet shades. It ripens in mid September, and normally reaches sugar levels of 23-25%. The bunch has a tight medium size with small berries.

PAMID is an antique Bulgarian red wine classic. The
wine has a bright red color. The taste is fresh with fruity
notes, elegant density and a soft finish. Pamid wines are
usually consumed young due to their low content of
phenolic substances. The bunch is medium-sized and the
grape is small and juicy. It has excellent fertility, and its
vintage is around the middle of September.
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