SPORTS – How Are the Washington Redskins Shaping up for Next Season?


March 24, 2016
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The Washington Redskins finished last season top of the NFC East, which was a brilliant result. Sadly the team’s first play-offs since 2012 didn’t go so well for the Washington team, with the Green Bay Packers knocking the Redskins out of Super Bowl 50 contention with a 35-18 win.

But what might have been a disappointing end to last season should be seen as inspiration for the Redskins to do even better this year, which is exactly why new players need to be brought in for the next season.

Indeed, general manager Scot McCloughan is determined to have as many draft picks as possible on the theory that the more you have, the more likely you are to get a superstar. In fact, he wants to have 12 picks if possible.

In an interview with the Redskin’s official website, McCloughan revealed:  “The thing is, the more you kind of swing at it, the more chances you’ve got to hit. And I think last year we had a solid draft — we got some guys that came in and helped us win a division — we’re going to keep adding to it. And the more picks I can get, the more younger guys — the more healthier guys — I’m going that route.”

McCloughan particularly wants to receive as many players as possible in the draft in order to get as much young, raw talent as possible. By doing this the team won’t need to spend so much money in the free agency.

The Redskins have signed just 3 players from the free agency for 2016 – defensive end Kendall Reyes, safety David Bruton Jr and linebacker Terence Garvin and will be keen not to sign many others before the draft.

Defense is a big issue for the Redskins in the new season. Luckily it appears Junior Galette will return to the team fit and healthy after tearing his Achilles tendon in August 2015 and having re-signed with the Redskins last week for one year.

If the Redskins don’t gain any top defensive players in the draft, they might just need to return to the free agency in order to fill the gap in talent.

Of course, the Redskins might not need too many new players this year in order to have a spectacular 2016-17 season. That’s because next season the Washington Redskins will be the recipients of the NFL phenomenon known as the post-Wembley wave.

The Washington Redskins will make their London debut when they face the Cincinnati Bengals on the 30th October at Wembley stadium.

Every team who has played at Wembley has returned home to see their game winning performance improve. Even Redskin rivals the Dallas Cowboys, who played London in 2014, returned to the US to win 4 out of their 5 following matches.

The Redskins will need more than just some post-London luck to relive their 2015-16 NFC East glory though, but with a few good draft picks and Galette returning to the team, there’s no reason why the Redskins can’t make the play-offs two years in a row.


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