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December 4, 2017
Miguel Angel
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Costumes and accessories for practicing boxing and other contact sports can be customized online. Today, we discuss this news and others related to the sport that surrounds a halo of mystery.

To practice certain contact sports, athletes may need specialized boxing shorts. These contact sports should not be confused with martial arts.  Although there are those who have compared the western martial arts to contact sports, most of them understand that some contact sports follow martial arts basic techniques.

To physically and mentally prepare for boxing, the individual trains in martial arts and contact sports, which requires a very strict and healthy diet, a great discipline and greater physical effort.

Those who seek personal defense methods through contact sports are going to find them, but watching two guys “sticking it” to each other can be intimidating.  Consequently, these sports have not been able to sell all of its advantages to a large part of the society.

Martial arts differ in popularity and have many selling points.  It values spirituality in combat exercises and promotes meditation, yoga or other disciplines for awareness. In contact sports, however, the goal is primarily to burn calories at the gym and let the adrenaline flow.

Customizing boxing apparel and accessories through specialized combat clothing site

Those who practice these types of sports tend to have a devotion to the upkeep of their image, and the image of their sports team. They also try to look for differences from their rivals and for this reason, they can customize their apparel (gloves or bathrobes) through a website specialized in combat clothing.

Label bathrobe dorsal or gloves

Athletes can buy custom boxing gloves and make workout pieces something as unique as the impact of a blow. Despite the publicity that surrounds these sports, boxers have always been surrounded by an aura of mystery, and because of this, great movies play with the idea of success and failure in life through the lives of boxers.  This sport that has been transferred to the big screen most often is also one that has created even more debate in the streets. There are many elements of boxing movies that are admired by audiences, like the seven deliveries of Rocky Balboa’s exploits, starring Sylvester Stallone. The cult of an individual, the implicit action in the same sport, and the many battles with the rivals in the ring are metaphors for battles in life and arouse many emotions.

Boxing and the big screen: Heroes of our days 

It is not strange that many young people feel a connection to characters such as the Raging Bull hero embodied by Robert De Niro in the Martin Scorsese film. There is a reason men dream of blows like Muhammad Ali, an icon of the 21st century. Not only for his life as a boxer, but for the personal evolution that this American boxing champion experienced.  Ali, after reigning in the ring, embraced various civil rights causes and even changed his religion to Islam. His life has become an interesting biopic, directed by Michael Mann, but many more are certainly foreseeable, especially following the death of Ali last year.

Women’s boxing was in vogue on the big screen in Million Dollar Baby with Clint Eastwood as director in 2004, through the stories of a female boxer who sees her career truncated. The film also helped stir the debate over euthanasia.

The question which can be asked is why live boxing doesn’t get as large a following as the popularity of boxing films? The answer is possibly in the admission bans that hang over this and other contact sports. Even if this matter does not threaten its survival, it shows some social hypocrisies. For example, in the case of Spain, it is forbidden to take a child to witness boxing, but it is not forbidden to go to a bullring to see how a bullfighter kills a bull.

However, boxers will keep hitting their sacks and they do it in there custom boxing robes in every gym in the world.  The U. S. is where boxers have a higher chance to succeed and boxing is still the sport where those athletes have the higher chance of making larger sums of money.

Boxing has large commercial and media pull

Europe, on the other hand, has been taking it out of the professional circuits. Despite the fact that boxing remains an Olympic sport, the only contact sport with which it is possible to win Olympic gold.  Of course, even in the Olympics came the debate that always seems to chase boxing:  whether boxers could do without their helmets during the fighting.  This happened in 2016, a few months before the last Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, when the Olympics Committee gave the news that boxers could fight without their helmets.  This measure was allowed only for the men, not the women, which ignited the debate even further. And what about women? This matter was left unanswered, as women have been competing for less time.

Most things involving boxing has a big commercial and media pull, which is exhibited in the brand and style of boxing apparel, both the clothing and accessories, worn by boxers in the sport.  There are now web portals for contact sports, which make it possible to not only dress up boxing suits comfortably, but to also customize gloves, bathrobes and shorts for the contact sport athlete who needs the perfect boxing gift.


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