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March 22, 2018

Guest Writer:  Miguel Angel

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Visiting Spain is always a great pleasure. Major cities like Barcelona and Madrid are worth visiting as well as Ibiza, the island of fun that can be discovered by travelling on a sailboat.

Spain is a very important holiday destination well-known for its great weather, friendly people, Mediterranean cuisine and contrasts from north to south. When you get to know the country’s most important places all these contrasts become obvious.

Barcelona, for example, is a cosmopolitan city where the sea provides an open window and great and unique vibe to the city, but there are many more activities to do such as Barcelona tours, guided and private tours run by history and city experts knowledgeable about other interesting subjects about Barcelona.

There are many travel options for those who prefer luxury tourism in comfort. Travel by car for private personalized tours, lasting a few hours or a few days, and discover nearby magical places such as Montserrat. Alternatively, take a boat trip along the Catalan coast.

Ibiza: A must do in the Mediterranean                     

Sea lovers have a unique opportunity: hire an exclusive rental sailboat in Ibiza.

Start your journey travelling by ferry from Barcelona to Ibiza, drive over to the boat winery and rent an exclusive sailboat, so that you can live close to nature and spend hours enjoying the sunshine and beautiful views with friends and family.

Ibiza is synonymous with fun and the island hosts the most amazing VIP world celebrations, and tourists can also visit one of the many nightclubs and dance until dawn.

Discovering the island from the sea is a wonderful experience with a perspective not many get to enjoy. From Ibiza you can even sail to other beautiful Spanish places like Formentera Island, Menorca, and Majorca and get to know all the Balearic Islands, a sea journey to remembered.

Discovering Madrid, the capital of Spain

City lovers cannot afford to miss discovering the capital of Spain, which is Madrid. Madrid is another cosmopolitan city with a higher population than Barcelona where you can find world famous art museums such as Prado Museum or Thyssen Bornemisza.

A good way to discover the city is by renting bikes in Madrid with a choice of bikes — including electric — all suitable to ride through the most iconic neighborhoods. Take a ride through barrio de los Austrias, the neighborhoood full of ancient history, or distrito de las letras, and have a run through places where Cervantes and other great Spanish writers once lived.

By joining a bike tour, travelers can visit places such as Real Madrid Stadium Santiago Bernabeu, a sacred place for football lovers, and also find other routes with accompanying guide services. But if a tourist would rather discover the city without having to move as many muscles, the Segway is the best option. It’s a very popular option for those who want to have a tour of the city and visit as many places as possible in a limited time.

Therefore, Madrid Segway Tours is perfect for city visitors where you can find any tour suitable to your tastes, interests and time. Gastronomic and tapas tours are a must to try, and a very common practice for Spaniards. Go and try delicious small portions of food full of flavor, very characteristic of Madrid and all accompanied by a glass of wine or beer from one bar to another. In addition, bike or Segway sightseeing are responsible and sustainable ways of traveling. Segway agencies also provide personalized tour options, so travelers have to look into it and explain what their preferences are.

Spain never disappoints visitors and everyone feels welcomed and at ease in the land of color. There are innumerable architectural and artistic jewels to visit. No doubt, it’s the ideal place to visit during upcoming holidays.



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