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March 6, 2018
Miguel Angel
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Boxxer World is the leading sports sector online store where for designing boxing shorts and garments that sports professionals, amateurs and martial arts practitioners need. Those who want to wear sportswear as an everyday fashion statement will find plenty of choices in or to stand out from the crowd.

Boxing is not an expensive sport and just takes few things to get started practicing.

There is no need to buy all the equipment at once, however, enthusiasts can get little bits over time. Boxers are characterized for their agile and quick movements and this is why apparel such as boxing shorts should be broad, not hindering any movement and should be breathable. Boxers want to feel free when wearing them.

Boxing shorts along with the gloves are part of the minimum equipment for boxers and melee martial arts practitioners. The equipment includes good shoes and proper underwear too. When practicing boxing, an athlete sweats a lot, so buying pants that have the capability of absorbing sweat and drawing it away from the body is important.

The best boxing shorts are made of breathable and lightweight materials offering optimal humidity regulation, and if there is one thing that characterizes these shorts is its silky look. We all remember the greatest champions and heroes and their iconic boxing shorts. The shorts were the only memorable things to represent them during those legendary matches.

Custom boxing clothes: a trendy option for professionals and fans

These days, it is easy for future boxing and martial arts champions to have the opportunity to design their own shorts with custom boxing robes. Custom robes are a popular choice among practitioners from many countries all over the world, because contrary to how it may seem, boxers like to give detailed attention to their self-image.

The name of the boxer is usually displayed on the shorts’ waist. The outfit can be designed in lots of ways, although the most common is to have the defending country’s flag, or at least the color proudly displayed.

From an online application, you can design your boxing clothes to your perfect specifications, and they can even be delivered to your home in just one day.

Boxxer World is the site where you can create bespoke designs, but it’s also a meet point to get into this exciting world where you have to demonstrate your skills in order to beat your opponent. Other accessories that are part of the boxing equipment are gloves, wraps for under your gloves, the gum shield, knee pads and boots. For full contact martial arts and Thai boxing, the athlete will also need ankle straps.

Some curiosities about fashion in boxing

Boxing shorts did not become fashionable in bouts until the 1930s and were called short culottes in their French name, because in the XIX century, French nobles wore shorts. It was about 100 years ago, during an operation in Bermuda that the British Army fashioned the shorts to combat heat. They are now commonly known as Bermuda shorts.

Since then, these kind of garments have evolved considerably and have adapted to each sport discipline, allowing trendy shorts for boxing.

In Boxxer World, athletes can find shorts and garments of all kinds, such as robes, sweatshirts, and t-shirts that all boxer lovers, martial arts practitioners and people who acquire garments for fashion will need, especially sweatshirts to dress informally.

For years, boxing shorts have been lengthened to reach above the knee. It is an evolution of fashion itself that can also be seen in swimsuits. The elastic rubber of the shorts fastened boxers above the hips and with that came the rule that you cannot hit each other below the waist. If boxing shorts are important in competitions, they are also on top of the tatami, as in workout boxers like to be as well dressed as possible.

Which sports use boxing shorts?

There are many types of boxing. There is boxing in the “savate” or French boxing, English boxing, full contact or American boxing, in Kung Fu or Chinese boxing, in Aikido, Taekwondo, Ju Jitsu, Viet Vo Dao, Rav Maga, karate or in mixed martial arts.

Boxing, an Olympic sport popularly known as box, is a sport in which two people face fist blows having covered their hands with gloves. The fights are held in a roped square, known as the ring, and the fighting is divided into rounds, typically 12, for expert professionals.

Whoever topples his opponent when he cannot get off the ground after the referee has counted to ten, wins. Or after adding the points obtained during a fight without a KO, the boxer with the most points wins. Afterwards, it is a jury who decides the final winner, and decisions are not always welcomed by fans.

Women, men, and boxing’s greatest icon, Muhammad Ali

Film and literature have been very prone to tell stories about great boxers, as they serve to explain a vital journey from the main character’s point of view. It’s the story of a person struggling to get the pinnacle and suffering blows that lead him to depart from the glory.

Recently deceased icon Muhammad Ali, was one of the greatest boxing exponents, as well as working hard for the rights of African-Americans. Many pages have been written around this world champion, extolling the ability of the boxer to resist against adversity and remain consistent with his goals.

Boxxer World is the reference page for an always growing sport sector where hundreds of male and female athletes all over the world are joining every day.

As far as women are concerned, women’s boxing became official at the London Olympics 2012, yet their boxing fights were aired on television well before that. In Boxxer World, you can also find clothes for women that hit hard and remain beautiful.


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