STAFF: Demarcus Davis – Staff Photographer


“Capturing every moment with each shutter click of my eyes” – Demarcus Davis

Born and raised in Washington DC, Demarcus Davis has been viewing life through a camera lens for three years now. His passion for capturing life’s moments started as a hobby for a family members’ jewelry company and soon grew into a small business; Marco Kay Photography.

In the fall of 2009, Demarcus brought his talent to Bowie State University and its Student Government Associations as their volunteer photographer. Durning his time as the SGA photographer, he networked with people from different organizations throughout the campus. After a year of volunteering, the then SGA president, offered Demarcus a position as the official photographer for Bowie State University under the title of “Marketing Coordinator.”

Once finishing his BA in Broadcast Journalism, Demarcus plans to go into the market of television production and photojournalism. With these positions, he wants to travel capturing the world in all its beauty.


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