D.C. becomes the Hollywood stage for ‘Badlands’


The series “Badlands” will shoot in the Crime and Punishment Museum’s studio, which once housed “America’s Most Wanted.” It will be the first series filmed this year in Washington, D.C. Charles Long, the executive producer and chief executive officer of Metropolis Studios and Movies, said, “The ‘Badlands’ project basically is a thriller. It’s a crime-type of a thriller within the city, and that thriller will show parts of the city.”

Long is a native of the District and reported he turned down other cities and states, who offered incentive packages, to bring the production to his hometown. Long is hopeful this production will bring more film production to the District. “Let’s get the barriers over with and have people to come here all the time and this, too, become another Hollywood, or the Hollywood that it was when it first started,” Long said. Long is bringing an $8 million production budget to the District and reports that the show is his very first project that will be done 100 percent in the city. Television and film supporters hope the production will open doors for future projects in the nation’s capitol.


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