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July 17, 2019

Growing Your SoundCloud Followers with Ease

Being a musician and a successful one has never been as easy as it is today. There was a time when you had absolutely no hope of making it big without the backing of major record labels. This was because the cost of production was pretty high. Hiring musicians, paying for studio sessions and getting your job mixed and mastered all required heavy investments that not many could handle.

Even if you managed to get all of these done, marketing your music was another beast of nightmarish proportions. This made many artists practically sell off their skills and talents for peanuts as they were simply at the mercies of the record labels. There was even a more interesting history prior to this time and you can read all about it here.

Fast forward to today and things are totally different. From the very first stage of the process, everything has become extremely simple. Anyone can now own a professional-grade home studio for a few thousand dollars. There you can get your songs produced, mixed and mastered.

What about marketing? Well, that also has become extremely easy thanks to the internet and all the different music sharing and streaming sites. We can actually name a few top musicians who had their break online. These include artists like Justin Bieber, Tori Kelly, Shawn Mendes, Karmin, James Bay and many others.

There are many platforms that help upcoming artists promote themselves and their work. One of these is SoundCloud. Our focus here will be to show you how to make this platform work for you.

Why SoundCloud?







Why should you be considering SoundCloud over others? Actually, this is not a case of choosing one over the other. You do not do that. You combine different platforms to get the best results. That said, SoundCloud is a good place to put in some good effort to gain followers and here’s why.

  • SoundCloud currently has about 76 million users.
  • About 175 million peoples visit the platform monthly.
  • SoundCloud is accessed from over 190 countries.
  • As at 2018, about 25% of the American population were known to use this platform.

Given these stats and those not given, having your song on this platform opens you up to many opportunities. You will also be interesting to know that SoundCloud has signed a licensing deal with Universal Music as well as with Warner Brothers. These are mega companies that can make you a star overnight.

On the platform, you have top charts that showcase some of the best music uploads. Getting your music on any of these charts is a sure way of gaining recognition.

The platform also gives you an opportunity to interact with the music community. This includes fellow musicians and fans. You can get professional and not so professional reactions to your music that will help you improve on the quality and general direction of your music.

There is a lot that you can enjoy on this platform as an indie musician. You can get a more comprehensive explanation here: https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/reasons-start-using-soundcloud-today/.

How to Grow Your Followers

So, given all the benefits you stand to gain from using this as one of the platforms on which to promote your music, how do you go about building your followers? This is what we will be looking at in this section.

There are two ways to about it. The first is organic growth while the next is paid growth.

Organic Growth

This type of growth involves the use of various techniques to naturally increase your follower base. To take this route, it is important that you take certain very important steps. Let’s look at some of these.

Catchy Profile

Your profile is the first place to begin to make your presence felt. Don’t just come up with any bland statement. Put up something that will make people want to find out more about you. You should also add a really lovely profile image as this will add good value to the profile.

Quality of Music

It’s all about the music right? If your music is crap, no amount of marketing will get you fans. Rather you will get negative publicity. Ensure you have put in the time into making good quality music.

Music Art

When you post your music, ensure it has a music art. This should be something attractive. You want the image to encourage people to click to listen to your song. Find out why this is important in this article.

Use Tags

Tags help deliver your music to the right audience. If for example your music is targeted at the rap or hip hop audience, add tags like “rap” “hip hop” etc. This makes it easier for your crowd to find your music.

Encourage Link Sharing

Social media is all about likes and shares. Ensure you add a link that your fans can share to further spread your music.

Enable Music Download

If you are a total newbie, having a track or two available for free download can help boost your followership. This is a compromise you may have to make to gain some followers.

Be an Active Participant

Don’t just focus on your own songs. Listen to songs by other artists especially those in the same genre as you. Make comments on their songs and generally be interactive. This will elicit a response from many of these artists on yours too.

Go for Collaborations

If you can, collaborate with other artists on some projects. This will merge your crowd, meaning that you now have access to a larger following.

Paid Growth

Aside from organically growing your following, you can also pay for followers. You can actually buy any number of followers you want. To buy SoundCloud followers, simply look for a company that offers this service.

Though the followers you get are paid for, the process is designed in such a way that the following grows naturally. If you pay for 1000 followers, they don’t just get dumped on you at once. They gradually drip as it would occur if it was an organically generated following.


To ensure you enjoy the full benefits that SoundCloud can offer, it is important that you have as much followers as you can. Combine both organic and paid methods to achieve this. This is your best course of action.


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