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March 10, 2019

The Ancient Romans were feared throughout the world at their peak time. They made their statement in history and sealed their names as one of the greatest nations that ever roamed the Earth. When people think of the Romans, the first name that comes to mind is Julius Caesar. He was the greatest emperor that Rome had ever seen. He knew how to fight, he knew how to celebrate, and he knew how to golf.

Of course, that wasn’t the golf that we play today, but it was a similar game. They hit a feather-stuffed ball with a club-like stick. Moreover, other nations followed the same approach. Two of them are most notable though. The Chinese Song Dynasty played the game in the 10th century, and in the 15th century, King James II forbade it in his home country of Scotland. That was because the military men spent more time hitting a ball with a stick, rather than training for war. Read more here:

Its modern origins are traced back to Scotland, where the word golf originated from. The meaning of the word literally means club, bat or stick. It was transformed from a Dutch word for a similar game. There, the winner was determined by the least amount of strokes to put a ball into a hole. Sound familiar?

When did the golf craze actually begin?

In Britain, the 17th century was full of surprises. One of those surprises was the incredible population of golf. They played the first British Open in 1860. And that is something that is still played today. After that, the world started to catch up and spread to both Canada and the United States. In the following twenty years, both of these countries had their own golf clubs with tournaments taking place everywhere.

How has the game evolved over time?

The first thing that evolved is the golf course itself. Their designs have changed substantially and their maintenance as well. Many courses are expanding their territory to be around 8,500 yards. This is the result of stronger players who demand a more challenging length. Of course, better irrigation systems and newer types of grass make the courses conditioned and better to play on. Read more here.

As any sport progresses, so does its equipment. This means that manufacturers are always finding newer ways to create golf clubs, make them stronger, and easier to use. Now, they’ve become larger and more forgiving. Moreover, with the introduction of the solid core ball, the records and player stats have improved.

The strategy has also changed. The sport has evolved from precision based, to power based. The shotmaking and calculating beforehand has been replaced with pure strength. In the old days, the course was treated like a living chess match. But now, with better equipment, everyone focuses more on power. The bigger and better clubs offer a better swing, and the ball hasn’t got the same amount of spin as it used to.

The history of the golf cart

Last, but certainly, not least is the golf cart. They weren’t always made with batteries. They used to run on gas, and they were created with a different purpose. In the 1930s, when they were first invented, only people with disabilities used them. That was because they were unable to walk the course themselves. You can check this guide for more information about golf cart batteries new & used.

If someone were healthy, they wouldn’t even think of sitting in a loud and noisy car that ran on gas. And, they were costly as well. But, then came Merle Williams. He created an electric version of the golf cart to help his wife to go around town. He was very knowledgeable about electric vehicles and built one in his spare time. It wasn’t long before he started his own company and introduced it to the world.

The Marketeer was the name of the first golf cart on the market. But, as with any new product, competitors started to enter the game. The first ones were rudimentary at best. They could only have enough charge for 18 holes, and they worked just on flat terrains. However, over time, these carts improved and created the sport we know and love today.


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