THE WORLD — Titan submarine found after 4-day search, no survivors


By Nikita Bondale, News Writer

Throughout the past few years, trained divers have boarded a submarine vessel known as the “Titan” and have conducted several expeditions with the intention of researching shipwrecks, such as that of the Titanic. Initial inspections conducted by Maritime researchers stated that the submarine had suffered an implosion, possibly caused by a defect in manufacturing. The magnitude of this imposition compounded with the substantial water pressure and external force was detrimental. It took the lives of its pilot and four other passengers aboard: British businessman Hamish Harding; Pakistani businessman and billionaire Shahzada Dawood and his teenage son, Suleman; French explorer Paul-Henri Nargeolet; and Stockton Rush, CEO of OceanGate, the company operating the vessel. In examining the vessel, experts concluded that it was evident that the repeated stress caused by multiple deep-sea dives likely weakened the submarine, causing the hull to split horizontally. In the wake of this event, however, US Navy Officials and researchers have begun to consider improvements to similar submarines and vessels.


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