ENTERTAINMENT NEWS – Michael Oher, of “The Blind Side” fame, has conservatorship terminated by judge


Mariah Cain, Staff Writer

On Sept. 29, a Tennessee judge signed an order ending Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy’s 19-year-long conservatorship over Michael Oher. In a petition filed on Aug. 14., Oher claimed that the Tuohy’s gave him papers to sign that he assumed were for his official adoption, but was instead for him to sign away his rights into a conservatorship. The award-winning movie “The Blind Side,” is a biographical film based on Oher’s life story and relationship with the Tuohy’s.

A conservatorship is a legal arrangement to manage the financial and personal affairs of someone else, usually a minor or an incapacitated person. Oher was neither a minor nor had any mental illnesses or intellectual disabilities. “I am disheartened by the revelation shared in the lawsuit today. This is a difficult situation for my family and me,” said Oher in a statement. 


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