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From 24th to 28th on April 2017, as part of its promotional activities, Fine European Wines had the pleasure to host a five-day wine tour around the beautiful European wine regions of Bulgaria, for acknowledged professionals in the US wine sector. The specialized guests – certified sommeliers, owners of specialized wine shops, representatives of retail chains, well-known wine bloggers, with an extensive influence in the global wine sector and particularly US, had the opportunity to explore the Struma Valley as well as part of Thracian Valley, where some of the most distinctive and memorable European wines are born.

During their five-day stay, the US professionals were able to gather information and learn many interesting facts about the old, history filled, yet unknown to many, world wine destination Bulgaria. They were able to get a taste of the local culture and delicious food and especially get familiar with the wine production process, in which each of the wineries devote their hearts and hard work.

What did our guests get to try?

  • Top notch wines from local sorts such as Mavrud, Melnik 55, Broadleaved Melnik, Tamianka and Gamza
  • Top notch Orange wines
  • Top notch wines from international sorts such as Merlot, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon

The verdict?

The United States is ready for some very exciting new wines that come from an old wine making destination but possess vibrant new and modern tastes!

Take a look at some pictures below capturing the wineries, wine tastings, local food and stunning wine regions!

If you wish to taste some of our fine European wines, you can do so by visiting select restaurants in Washington DC or simply check out our website for more information.

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