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January 15, 2018
Miguel Angel
Guest Writer
Consumer Resources – Travel          

The experiences we share before, during, and after a trip makes us happy. 8 out of 10 people enjoy the full experience:  looking for maps, viewing documentaries, choosing the accommodations and plotting to the route to follow. The mere idea of travel transports us to a world of happiness where everything is possible and where we are able to leave our comfort zone, while learning new things, relaxing and enjoying another part of life. Therefore, happiness gained by traveling is much more valuable than any material object, as half of the population prefers going on vacation instead of buying clothes, jewelry or any technological  or electronic items.

According to science, the process of oxytocin (the hormone of happiness) segregation  begins simply with the idea of looking at a travel catalog and deciding a destination. This feeling of joy continues during the planning of trips and routes to follow, according to Choquequirao Trek, a well-known vacation expedition website that explores Machu Picchu and Choquequirao, the major archaeological sites in the Cusco-area.

Peru, a destination leading to unparalleled happiness

Peru is a country filled with incredible nature and history sites for discovery and exploration, so what better time to take photos and videos while exploring adventure sports like trekking, biking, rafting or zip-lining? In addition to sharing an experiential experience with the Andean world, why not take in the tour of one of the Seven Wonders of humanity: The Machu Picchu Tour.

Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor from Cornell University, determined that the real source of human happiness lies in the lived experiences. According to Gilovich, positive experiences improve our social life in a more effective way than material goods. These experiences occupy and fuel our personal identity, as well as develop their own attributes more than the material objects.  In addition, they evoke less social comparisons between the individuals in social groups. By improving this part of social life, these experiences contribute much more to our happiness.

Traveling through Spain, from north to south

Spain is a country of great contrasts and qualities that make it one of the most complete destinations in the European continent. One of its most popular destinations is the city of Barcelona, known worldwide for the Olympic games hosted in 1992, and for its peculiar architecture designed by the modernist architect Antoni Gaudi.

One of the most popular ways to get to know this city is to travel by Scooter Rental Barcelona, as it allows visitors to quickly move around the city in an atmosphere of good weather. Discovering the city independently and without relying on third parties is great for the more adventurous.

This ability to adapt to new environments and enjoy them contributes to a positive self-esteem.  Often, after a trip or vacation, many people value much more what they have and are less compelled to complain about what they lack, which leads to greater emotional well-being.

Celebrating holidays can be good for your health

Another popular Spanish destination is the Canary Islands, a spectacular climate and landscape paradise to where millions of people flock to relax and disconnect year around. Holiday rentals in the Canary Islands are high in demand as well as a good and healthy destination for sunny weather, Mediterranean dining, friendly people and beautiful landscapes.

Another study found that traveling reduces the risk of myocardial infarction, especially for older people. Statistics indicate that in men who travel frequently, the chances of heart attack are 21% lower.  So today more than ever, we have a plethora of reasons to travel and they not only makes us happier, they are also good for our physical and mental health.


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