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February 6, 2018
Miguel Angel
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Sunglasses should be worn in both the winter and summer, because the lenses protect your eyes from UV rays. Sunglasses are absolutely indispensable for drivers, particularly in the low light of winter, to prevent glare and increase safety while driving. Sunglasses not only protect us from the very intense sunlight, but also from UV rays: the cause of skin damage, eye problems and occasional burns.

The sun in the United Kingdom does not usually feel as intense as in southern European countries, but it still has the capability to cause the same damage. It is recommended that, no matter the season, consumers should protect themselves and carry sunglasses with them in a bag or in their car. After all, the sun can shine in both the winter and summer, even in the UK. So protect yourself against UV radiation and eye damage when you need it. The fact that many northerners have blue eyes makes the need to wear sunglasses even more imperative, as UV rays can damage eyes more easily.

Aside from the health benefits, let’s not forget how chic and stylish a pair of sunglasses can look, an accessory that can help define your personality. When it comes to choosing your sunglasses, Optimal Optic is a leading online store where you can find the pair that suits you and your style best. From the classic aviator and wayfarer styles of Ray Ban, created for the American army, to other more daring colorful and patterned styles of the Hawaiian brand, consumers can also coordinate and complement clothing colors or patterns.

The right sunglasses for the right situation

When the sun is closer to the horizon, its effects are not that intense, although it can be more blinding, especially in the evenings and during sunsets. In order to avoid glare when driving, consumer need to wear high quality sunglasses.

Choose to opt for the popular photochromic sunglasses, because depending on the intensity of the sun, they will darken. This quality makes them most suitable for drivers, who can be certain their sunglasses will provide just the right protection even as the light changes.

In addition, sunglasses provide a well-known screening effect against cold, wind and allergens; so those suffering from conjunctivitis, or hay fever, for example, should use them on an everyday basis to ease some of the symptoms.

Many people spend countless hours in front of computer screens. This new reality leaves people to suffer from dry eyes, a syndrome aggravated during cold months, when the humidity of the air is lower compared to during the summer season. Dryness of the eyes is further exacerbated by the use of central heating and the rapid change to the coldness of outside. Wearing sunglasses will almost certainly help with this condition.

A huge range of stock, great brands, and a 94% customer satisfaction rating

There are more reasons to wear sunglasses, especially when practicing winter sports, as snow and ice reflect off the sunlight. Snow blindness is real. And for cyclists, good sunglasses are a must have for protection from both the elements, and should the rider suffer a collision, to protect against impact.

Children’s eyes are most vulnerable to UV rays, especially if they have light colored eyes. The reason is they have lower melanin — a dark pigment that prevents sun rays. So it is imperative that children wear sunglasses in order to prevent future eye problems.

Optimal Optic has a wide range of stock, great brands, and with a 94% customer satisfaction rating, everyone can wear their dream sunglasses. So if you have planned a holiday in a warm and sunny country, make sure to purchase sunglasses to add to your bag, to protect your eyes from your first step off the plane.


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