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September 21, 2017
Miguel Angel
Guest Writer
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Nikelab has taken us to a new world where the expression rises in its magnificence leading to no competitors in the market. Many people have been asking themselves lately about Nike’s new products. What are their characteristics? Why are they meant to be so special?

Nikelab was founded in 2014. They started distributing specifically in 9 different locations all around the world. As we all know, Nike specializes in selling sneakers and workout clothes. But Nikelab does it in a very different way. They are focused on gathering ideas from the past and bringing a cooler and trendier new look to them in an innovative way.

What is the secret of their success? Technology and innovation combined in one. They use completely different materials as they do with Nike products. And they mix them with a wide variety of designs. Moreover, they are collaborating very often with famous people and brands, such as Scai or Fragment.

Users want to know the reason why these shoes cost twice the price when they look exactly the same as the regular ones. There is a reason; shorts, tops, shoes and other textile elements that are produced by Nikelab are made with the highest quality. They focus in particular on their manufacturing process. In addition, they only produce limited editions so their products are not available on the market for too long.  They also have a sustainable manufacturing process, which means that they are environmentally friendly.

Where can we buy these products?

These products can be purchased in specialized boutique stores or even online, such as on SVD. Check out Nike stores, but keep in mind that only a few of them around the world have these products available. It is normal, because Nikelab products are limited and there is not enough stock to be extended throughout the world.

For those who are looking for trendy trousers, trend setter shirts and stylish hoodies, which can also protect from extreme environmental conditions, Nikelab has the solution. By mixing history, experience, innovation and technology all combined with the latest trends and the unique style that defines the brand, they have succeeded in creating a special and exclusive products.


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