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As the editor-in-chief of the DC Spotlight newspaper, my staff and I strive to bring the best of news, politics, sports, entertainment, books, events and the most interesting newsmakers to you the readers here in the Washington, D.C. metro area and around the world on the Internet.  It is our hope that we can be of service to our community and readers, supplying news in an informative, interesting,  and entertaining manner with the quality that is demanded of trusted news organizations.  I’d like to thank you, our readers, for getting the news you want, need, and love here at the DC Spotlight, and if there is a compelling story that you would like to tell, feel free to contact me at the editor’s desk.

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All the best,

Wendy S. Thompson


DC Spotlight Newspaper

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Wendy Thompson is the owner, CEO and editor-in-chief of the DC Spotlight Newspaper in Washington, D.C.  She is also the owner of the Washington Press Release, an online database of metro events and public announcements in the Washington, D. C. metro area.  She is the creator and producer of the “Not Here” Kids Against Gun Violence campaign and PSAs.  She is the author of the children’s book “Sweetie, Don’t Eat That.”  She is also a published writer of feature articles, commentaries and short biographies.  She has been a producer for over 15 years for such media outlets such as PBS, NPR, FOX and CBS. 


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