Superior Court bars D.C. man from smoking inside his own home


A Washington D.C. man must go outside to smoke cigarettes after a Superior Court judge ordered him to stop smoking inside his own home. Edwin Gray’s new next door neighbors in Northeast Washington have filed a civil suit claiming that their family is being harmed by smoke that sneaks into their home through a hole in a shared basement. They are seeking an injunction and $500,000 in damages. Gray’s sister, Mozella Johnson, says they will fight the lawsuit. Johnson added that she was flabbergasted that a lawsuit (filed by neighbors) could now dictate what a family can do inside of their home. According to court filings and a statement, the neighbors say they tried to work things out with Johnson and Gray, and filed suit when mediation attempts failed. Real estate attorney Benny Kass called the case “precedent-setting” and said it highlighted the fact people are not allowed to simply ignore their neighbors anymore. The case is ongoing.



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