WORLD NEWS – Death toll in Libya continues to rise following Mediterranean storm Daniel


Mariah Cain, Staff Writer

On Sept. 10, Storm Daniel hit parts of the Mediterranean and caused catastrophic flooding and loss of life in Derna, Libya. The torrential rains and flash flooding caused two aging dams in the city to collapse. The U.N. reports that the death toll has reached 11,300, and thousands are still missing. 

The Wadi Derna is a river valley in Libya that flows down from the mountains to the port city of Derna; the two dams that collapsed previously worked to protected the town from flooding. The city of Derna was also split into two after the floodwaters collapsed multiple bridges over the river. “The sea is still ejecting lots of dead bodies, unfortunately,” said Claire Nicolet, who currently leads the emergency department of Doctors Without Borders.


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